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Owing to the fact that we have 40 gallons of ready (or almost ready) beer, we didn't brew this last weekend. Transferred, kegged, etc. Nothing huge.

However, this downtime gives Brendan and I a chance to finish up the Couch (really!), so look for that piece coming soon. Also, I've been looking into what it would take to become a BJCP Judge. I know that Brendan and Tam have expressed interest in walking this road, so hopefully they'll have time to do so.

The BJCP is the Beer Judging Certification Program, and it's the body that responsible for training beer judges. Certification requires that you take an exam, which consists of two parts. The first is a written exam, and the second is a tasting exam. Both pieces are essay-style: The first half demands approximately a page-long response per question, and the second requires that you judge a set of beers within a certain error of an already-qualified judge.

Before you say, "Oh that doesn't sound too hard," take a look at some of the sample questions. This is not the SAT -- you will need to study for this test. You will need to know every beer style (42 of them, if I recall) inside and out. You will need to be familiar with every aspect of brewing, from growing kilning the malt to sunstriking the final product, and you'll need to know how various qualities in the brew affect the final flavour of the beer.

There are a number of tests this summer, but after August, you'll have to wait until December to take it. I think we can do it. I'm going to start studying this weekend. I'll be posting study materials on the website, and will try to field questions. For now, I know just about as much as you could learn from reading the BJCP website.

Brewmeister status, here comes Geekbeer.

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