thaen (thaen) wrote in geekbeer,

The Couch, Part 3: Cooling

Subtitle: In Which A Minifridge Died, And Was Thereby Reborn.

Seriously, in this segment of the Couch (which is the third of four), we literally tear apart a mini fridge. It was incredibly messy, with insulating foam all over everything by the time we were finished. You can find this iteration here. Enjoy.

Also, part 4 will be forthcoming, but it might as long as a week and a half before I manage to get the pictures and everything ready for it. It will end with the current state of the couch. In the future, there will be more couch exposition as we add functionality to it. I'll probably also (eventually) write up a curiosity piece which will detail the thousand-and-one gotchas that we encountered on the way to chilled-beverage goodness.

Also, we didn't brew this weekend due to Mother's (Mothers'?) Day considerations. That's three weeks in a row... we really will brew again next weekend.

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