thaen (thaen) wrote in geekbeer,

Nothing To Report

No, really. My grandfather died last week, so I didn't brew this weekend, Brendan hung out with his dad making moonshine on Sunday, so he didn't brew, and Tam and Dan had bottling to do.

They bottled the amber that we made some time ago. It was a little unique because we split the 10 gallons of wort into two primary fermenters and used two different yeasts in each. One of the yeasts, which is usually used for English Pale Ales, is supposed to be agitated once a day...

Well... it didn't get turned once a day. It got turned, maybe, three times a week. We're hoping that this didn't ruin the batch completely. If it didn't, we'll have an interesting experiment on our hands: Two beers that are identical except for the yeast that was used to ferment them. We're expecting drastically different beers, but it will be fun to try them in any case. I'll try to get the recipe from Brendan and post it here sometime this week, Wyeast numbers included for the very interested.

I'll be gone until Friday, so I won't be posting again until then, at the earliest. Also, I'm learning Dvorak, so if you notice any weird typos (like T's replaced with Y's), please be forgiving.

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